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My name is Jaime Olalquiaga Loewe.

I consider myself a person optimistic, vital and committed to others, able to dedicate my time and my energy to what I love. For many years it was marketing and my passion for cars that moved me to work in a multinational, although I always considered that the person was the center of any activity, so my free time I dedicated to my family and my friends looking for environments where I could be in touch with them in a relaxed and distended way. I created even a specific space for that purpose in a natural environment and away from noise and haste. That is where I often go to recharge energy and seek clarity for my life.

One day I felt I didn’t want any division between working life and personal life. I allowed it to sprout from me what I really wanted to do and it sprouted. Two worlds appeared in front of me that initially did not seem to have a relationship but I soon realized that they were deeply connected without me having planned it: coaching as a tool of personal growth for me and to accompany others and tennis as School for Life.

Today I can not separate both disciplines, sprout naturally from me and are a source of deep daily satisfaction. Some clients perceive me as executive or personal coach, others like “tennis coach…” For me in the end it is about accompanying people to get their most desired goals enjoying the road. I believe in the great potential of each person and in his genuine wealth as a human being. I am fortunate to have experienced in myself and observed in other people that this is true.

  • I am enthusiastic and committed
  • I believe in the intrinsic value of the human being
  • I trust each one's ability to achieve what is proposed
  • I'm motivated in working with people
  • I enjoy sport and I take valuable lessons for life
  • I am moved by passion and encounter in my work
  • I like to listen the heart more than the mind
  • In a place of Soria I find my place of rest and clarity


I am certified Professional Coach PCC, ICF (International Coach Federation)

I own the “Inner Game Practitioner” certification by Tim Gallwey and I am part of the international team of «The Inner Game School» as trainer.

As an Executive and Team Coach, it motivates me to maximize the personal and professional development of people and teams, focusing on responsible learning through enjoyment as the best way to achieve the desired goals. In this area I have collaborated with companies such as Amadeus Spain, Banco Santander, Volvo trucks or Vodafone among others.

As a Sports Coach (Camilo José Cela University), I live with passion the sport as a source of improvement and self-knowledge, taking the learning acquired on the tennis court to all areas of my life and especially to the processes of coaching Executive and Sports.

I’m a Gallup certified strength Coach and I use his Clifton Strenghts® Finder tool to detect my clients ‘ talents and develop their strengths in order to achieve their goals.

Degree in economics and business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. 
Master in Commercial Management and Marketing (Instituto de Empresa).

I have extensive experience in team management in Mercedes Benz in the areas of marketing and advertising. I also actively participated in the development of sales teams in the Mercedes Benz Industrial vehicle division, focusing on enhancing leadership, communication and conflict management skills to generate motivated teams, involved, with initiative and results-oriented.

I have more than 17 years of experience in multinational leaders in their sector such as Shell Spain or Mercedes Benz Spain. I have worked in multilingual environments, using both English and German at the professional level.


I want to contribute to the happiness of people through their professional and personal development.



I accompany people to achieve their most desired goals through the discovery and development of their full potential and overcoming the obstacles that are in their way.