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What is Active coaching?

Active Coaching is the merger of two seemingly disparate disciplines such as coaching and tennis/golf practice.

Use Tennis/Golf as a metaphor of life where “everything I learn I can take to my life to enjoy it more and be more successful.” The combination of both disciplines enriches the work done in our coaching processes, workshops or programs.

In his revolutionary book “The Inner Game of Tennis”, Tim Gallwey presented a methodology for the teaching of tennis called “The Interior Game®” that later led to the development of modern coaching. Active Coaching is inspired by this methodology.

Starting Point: Talent.

We Use the powerful Clifton Strenghts Finder® tool so that our clients can know in detail their dominant talents and can put them at the service of their objectives.

What types of Active Coaching exist?

There Are Several forms of Active Coaching that are explained in more detail in the section “Services”.


Who is it aimed At?

Active coaching is aimed at companies as well as individuals and groups/teams as well as individual. Depending On the specific needs of each client, Active Coaching adapts its methodology to create tailor-made programs.

What can I expect from Active Coaching?

Active Coaching aims to make your customers reach their goal as soon as possible and with the greatest satisfaction.

Regardless of your goal and the mode of Active Coaching you choose, you will enjoy the way and skill training that is very useful for your life and your work is assured.

The rest Will depend on you.


And enjoy doing it!

You live as you play

Learning to learn

Overcome Our Limits

I observe myself, I lead

Challenges vs Threats

Enjoy to win