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The beginner's "luck"

Last month I picked up my tennis training after a fruitful summer break. My expectations were not high, as I

Repeat and Conquer!

Start the year with new purposes and new goals ilusionares to fulfill. On the other hand perhaps despite some of

"To flow, that precious state."

The other day playing tennis with a friend I experienced the feeling that time had stopped, that my mind was

Evolve by myself

We strive to learn tricks, recipes, new ways of doing things, we ask for advice and sometimes we despair because

Get ready to win!

What is winning? For me to win or succeed in an activity is to carry it out in a fully

"Control or not control"? Manage your stress better.

Do you sometimes feel that “you do not arrive”, you feel overwhelmed, you would like to free yourself of the

The paradox of success

It does not cease to amaze me as our mind can betray us when we feel the pressure to achieve

I observe myself, I lead

I observe myself, I lead We often seek out of ourselves the solution to a problem, the recipe to improve

"The rules of the game"-Transparency in our relations-

The other day I was training on a tennis court with a friend and decided to play a game. Since

Here and now

Here and now I remember that many years ago I was struck by a scene in the movie “The Club

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