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Here and now

I remember that many years ago I was struck by a scene in the movie “The Club of the Dead Poets” where a university professor encouraged his students to live the present through the expression “Carpe Diem” (“Seize the Moment”). Today I still find it exciting to live the “here and now.”

And what does this mean? For me it simply means that I feel better, I enjoy more and I get better what I’m doing if I pay full attention to it.

Who tends to boycott this placid state to fill with future concerns or problems of the past, preventing the enjoyment of the present?
Our mind.

In tennis you can experience in a very clear way what I am exposing. Playing a game, (the verb itself indicates you should be enjoying) may be the case that you experience some anxiety about winning the point or winning the game. My mind takes me to the uncertain future and brings me out of the present. Result: My game is impoverished in every way. What can I do? I can put the focus on the point I’m playing, in the present. And how do I do it? Enjoy every stroke, feel like your racket hits the ball, become aware of how your body moves harmoniously, put your attention on any aspect of the game and kite there… You can practice this yourself with any other activity, at work during a meeting or practicing any other sport. By putting “mindfulness” we went from “thinking what we’re doing” to “feeling what we’re doing”. I invite you to experience the “here and now”! Everything can be trained.

Here you can see the excerpt from the movie I’ve been referring to.

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