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“The essence of all that I’ve learned through my exploration of the Inner Game can be boiled down to one sentence: I have found a better way to change. Though I discovered it while teaching tennis players how to make changes in their forehands, backhands, and serves, the principles and methods that worked for developing skills on the tennis court apply to making improvements in any activity.”

Tim Gallwey, creator of The Inner Game ®

The Inner Game® was developed by Tim Gallwey in the years 70. In the last few years The Inner Game® has helped millions of people and the most important corporations in the world. The Best Seller “The Inner Tennis Game” is still a reference for leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches.

The Inner Game® School offers practical and in-depth workshops to help all types of people understand the concepts of indoor play and apply them to their personal and professional lives.

Now in Spain, for the first time, the “Essentials” workshop is available, a day of introduction to the main concepts of the Interior Game®. Tim Gallwey explains this in this video.


In This workshop you will achieve


Make a one-day stop to reflect what your goals are and what motivates you to reach them.


Learn to win the Inner Game, overcoming obstacles such as fear, insecurity, lack of focus, or beliefs that limit you.


To understand what from within you interferes and limits you when you get what you want.


Learn to learn through experience.


100% Practical Workshop






Certified Facilitators by The Inner Game ® School



Certificate awarded by The Inner Game® School


Directed to:

  • Professionals with people in charge who wish to promote the development of their colaborarores
  • Leaders who want to promote in their organizations a culture of change based on learning through experience
  • All Those who wish to live a life with greater satisfaction and enthusiasm
  • People who want to learn to learn and think for themselves

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