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Last month I picked up my tennis training after a fruitful summer break.

My expectations were not high, as I had been without training for several weeks. I started relaxing and enjoying the hit and back to the slopes. Everything was flowing, the ball went where I wanted and the hit was pleasurable. I kept seeing with some surprise how good everything was.

I became aware of my body and felt that I was very relaxed. My mind was calm, I was just thinking of playing and enjoying.

What else would I think of those moments?

Well, in many, and that is precisely what I have distracted at other times, put pressure, stiff or fact that I did not enjoy a workout.

But that day none of that appeared and I thanked him. I wondered what this "beginner's Luck" was all about and I immediately found the answer:

No interference today.

What are interferences? It is precisely those things that tells us an "inner voice" and that distracts us, puts pressure and tense, not allowing you to enjoy or perform to the maximum.

Do you find any parallels with the return of your holiday? There is something that at first you have been much easier, you have done in a fluid way and enjoying and that at this point – a month later – is not as easy or pleasant as at first?

We could be talking about running a meeting with your team, relating to your co-workers or your family, address that professional challenge you had proposed, start that training that so many benefits you could report… Or, why not? , practice your favorite sport.

Tim Gallwey, author of the book "The Indoor Game of tennis", refers to that inner voice that limits us when it comes to carrying out an activity like "YO1". It represents doubt, our insecurities, our fears, our inner critique.

In contrast, there is the "YO2" that represents our potential, our true self that is capable of much more than we can imagine.

When I return on vacation my "YO2" has no interference from "YO1", just want to play and enjoy as he knows.

The blows are internalized in my body, my brain has the neural connections necessary to perform a tennis strike accurately.

Everything will be well except that appears "I" 1 saying: I'm not sure you will be well, you'll see what it costs you to recover the coup, you do not go as a couple of weeks ago… "

And what effect does the "Yo1" have on me?

It creates tension, I seize, my mind loses its calm and as a result I do not get what I intend or it gets much worse.

What are your interferences? Has your performance changed or your way of enjoying what you had proposed? Surely you recognize a situation where "Yo1" has been at its ease.

The second day of training was different. The interference appeared and in this case I was told: you have to do just as well as the first day. The charm broke. "YO1" pressed me to do the same as the other day and my body was tensed, being unable to yield the same way.

The good news is that there are ways to return to the "YO2" and allow my blow or activity that I propose to flow again and especially enjoy it again.

Everything is trained, just start being aware of what your "YO1" tells you, responsible for producing these interferences.

I encourage you to read the "Indoor tennis Game" and to experience for yourself how you can get your "YO2"-your maximum potential-to shine.

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    Belief in beginner’s luck may result from confirmation bias – occasions when a beginner performs unusually well are likely to be remembered, while occasions where a beginner performed badly are forgotten. Beginner’s luck is thought to end once a player gets involved with a game, and the “innocent” psychological mindset is replaced by one that is concerned with the nuances of the game.

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    Some people believe that the beginner s luck exists and it s very real. But some people don t believe in it. By the beginner s luck, I mean the cases where a novice starts doing something for the first time, and on the first try he does it better than those who have spent years doing it.

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